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What it is: A recurring promotion coordinated by the Kasson Chamber of Commerce to encourage our community members to support local businesses. Typically features coordinated marketing such as newspaper ads, social media posts, signage, etc

Goal: Area citizens shop locally more frequently with greater awarenes of local business products and services through regularly scheduled promotions, prizes, events, and advertising held by a network of Kasson area businesses coordinated through the Kasson Chamber of Commerce.

How it works: 

1. Kasson Chamber of Commerce offers 3 $50 raffle prizes a month sponsored by local businesses on the First Friday of each month in 2022. We are asking participating businesses to consider sponsoring a month. If interested in sponsoring the event, please email jgalloway@kmtel.com.

2. The winner of the prize is drawn from raffle submissions collected from participating businesses that collect raffle slips from customers during Shop Local Friday.

3. A chamber board member or Shop Local Friday committee member will collect all raffle slips from participating businesses the following Monday/Tuesday. 

4. Three winners will be drawn from all the raffle slips the Wednesday following the Shop Local Friday and will be contacted using information on the slip. The winners will be given their prize by the Kasson Chamber Treasurer and will be asked for permission to have a picture taken for the local newspaper/media.

5. Drawing of the raffle winners will take place either at the Chamber regular membership meeting or at the business location that had the previous winner, depending on availability. 

Responsibilities of Participating Businesses:


1. Register as either a Regular Shop Local Friday business or sign up as an Occasional Participant by the 15th of the prior month. Registration can be completed by emailing jgalloway@kmtel.com or completing the registration form when you log into your Kasson Chamber website profile and select 'Shop Local Friday'.

2. Post signage showing your business is participating in Shop Local Friday.

3. Collect raffle slips. CLICK HERE for Raffle slips to print. 


1. Offer your own special promotions, sales, prizes, or giveaways to attract additional interest to your business. Get creative!

2. Do your own advertising such as social media, newspaper, radio, signage, or whatever makes sense for your business. 

3. Coordinate with other participating businesses - offer combo deals, collaborative marketing, or any other ways that may make sense.

Responsibilities of Chamber:

1. Provide 3 prizes each First Friday for Shop Local Friday. In 2022, this is 3 $50 cash prizes given away by a raffle drawing out of slips collected from participating businesses. The prizes will be evaluated annually during the budgeting process.

2. Provide a baseline of advertising including window cling signs for Regular Shop Local Businesses and social media posts. This will frequently include other forms of marketing including advertisements, signage, word of mouth, etc.

3. Collect raffle slips from each participating business by physically going to each place of business and taking all slips collected there.

4. Hold the raffle drawing to select 3 prize winners.

5. Contact the winners and give them the prizes.

DATES: First Friday of Each Month

Signing Up: Complete the registration form above

Have Questions? Email us at info@kassonchamber.org

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